Friday, August 21, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

August is fast coming to a close and soon the children will be back at school. This is a time of great anticipation for a fresh start. This is also a time of great wondering - for children, what will my teacher be like? Will I know anyone in my class? For parents, I guess the most important question, what will this school year bring? We all want successful happy children. That is why I am beginning this blog. My mission is to help as many people as I can to assist their children become proficient readers - who also love to read.

Where to begin? If a child is a reader then they can read in the backseat of your car, they can read in a quiet corner, or in a noisy restaurant. If they are a reader they can read anywhere at anytime. Start by storing books everywhere make opportunities for reading. My advice for reading varies as to the age of the reader. However, there is a global rule for learning to read, talk about what is read before, during, and after. Ask questions, and not just the who, what, where kind; but ask the did you think that was going to happen, or what do you suppose will happen next sort. When these kinds of questions are posed the reader has to think more deeply about is being read and how to respond accordingly.

The important thing is to make reading time an intimate time where the child reads to you, or you read to your child. That's the best place to start - do it every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Then talk about what you both think - and don't be afraid to use more sophisticated language with your child. The more words children know the more it can help them to decode. Until we speak again dear readers remember you are the torchlight for literacy let your light shine and let them follow, that is how they will eventually lead.

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