Friday, September 11, 2009

What the Classroom

Reciprocal Teaching

is a research based method of teaching that is predicated on four strategies that good readers use:

  • Predict - students link text to their prior knowledge
  • Question - students make literal and inferential queries
  • Clarify - students do word attack or visualize to deepen meaning
  • Summarize - students share the most salient aspects of text

These strategies are intended to be used interchangeably in a teacher led cooperative group. Using this method 2-3 times per week, over a span of three to six months can yield one or two years comprehension growth.

If you want to learn more check out Lori Oczkus. I met Lori at a conference and she was amazing. She had so many ideas, and her books are full of easy to use materials. These are two of Lori's books that I have and use regularly:


If you want to see her in action check out this link to her Home Page...


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